9379 photos submitted 

55% Growth on HIFR Instagram account

900,000 impressions generated 

The producers of Sony Pictures, Heaven Is Real wanted to build a presence on Instagram to promote and create a buzz for their new film. They called the #JJ COMMUNTIY for help.


Together we planned a one day event to help grown their Instagram presence and to promote the national release of the movie


#JJ COMMUNITY members were asked to show what heaven looks like to them in a one day photo challenge. The winner received a cutting edge Sony QX-10 mobile lens camera.

The contest received 9,379 submissions and we grew @heaveisforrealmovie instagram following by 55% in one day.

In total there were over 900,000 total impressions making it the largest photo contest for a movie premiere on Instagram ever.

Members of #JJ Team were also asked to attend the opening night movie premiere where we interviewed cast members and posted “real time” about the event.

The movie had a stellar at $22.5M (3-day) release.