ALT Hotel Halifax Airport

90,150  photos submitted



When Alt Hotels needed artwork for their new Halifax property lobby, they came to the #JJ COMMUNITY a second time!

Again, we delivered a one of a kind, giant photo mosaic mural that welcomes and engages all their guest. Alt Hotels got much more than striking artwork for their lobby, they also connected with thousands of collaborative partners.

With the success of our first collaborative partnership in their Toronto location, it’s no surprise that Alt Hotels asked us to help them once again with four new pieces in their Halifax location.

With over 90,000 images submitted to our second mural event, the #JJ community didn't disappoint.

The final montage… well not that final! Made up of thousands of Instagram photos, the mural also includes LCD screens. The screens display photos from the contest, as well as photos submitted by hotel guests. As a result the work of art is constantly evolving.

You can contribute to ALTEXPO.

Share your ALTernative experience: submit your favourite Instagram photo with the tag #ALTEXPO, you’ll be able to see it appear in real time in the mural!

Photos provided by Alt Hotels