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Tips: Low-Angled Shots

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#JJ INSTATIPS. A GREASE STAINED SHIRT, 24.99. THE BEST SHOT OF THE YEAR, PRICELESS.  @v_for_veritas submitted one of my favorite shots of the day to our “Low Angle” theme. Great…


Tips: Back Light

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Want to add pro quality depth to your portraits? Back light your subject then shoot into shade. The effect is called rim light. It’s the glow of the sun on…


Tips: Reflections

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Yesterday we did a reflections forum. It’s a beautiful gallery. Go to #jj_forum_0595 to check it out. I mentioned earlier that I love reflections because they give us such an…


Tips: A Good Caption

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LIVING ROOM OR LAWN?. A couple days ago I got asked how to write a good caption. Whether meant this way or not, I’m going to assume that the question,…